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About Our Family

Welcome to Mystical Whiskers! We are a local, family owned small business. We love all things aromatherapy and strive to create relaxing & fun products that will help with your self-care journey. 

We care about the quality of all of our products and only use the best materials when we design and create.  

We love what we do; creating unique, quality pieces that we are sure you will love.


Our products are high quality and very fragrant.  They will infuse your home with delicious aromas that will relax you and bring a smile to your face. Our wax melts can be used in either electric wax warmers or tea light warmers.

If you're a candle lover, you're going to love our products! Handcrafted and meticulously designed candles, wax tarts and incense, no piece is identical to another.

We do custom & wholesale orders, including parties. Send us a message as to what you would like and we will work out the details.


Welcome to our family!  We're so excited that you're here.

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